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The Memorial Hall of Mao Zedong and Hunan First Normal University Organized the Social Sciences Popu...

On May 21th, Hunan Province Social Sciences Popularization Week started up in Furong Square Station which is on Changsha Metro Line 2, Changsha. This activity was supported by the Publicity Department of Hunan Provincial Committee and Hunan Federation of Social Sciences. Teachers and student volunteers of the Memorial Hall were invited to attend the opening ceremony and performed wonderful programs.

After the opening ceremony, teachers and students of Memorial Hallhurriedly toTianxin Pavilion scenic area to hold the Social Science Popularization activity, whose theme was “Each one could recite Chair Mao’s poetry, later generations would carry Great Men’s Minds.” By the forms of poetry recitation, dance and allegretto, teachers and students propagated Chair Mao’s classical poetry to public, publicized and popularized Chinese Traditional Culture, and then they received favorable comments from public and got corking social science popularization effects.

As the first batch of National Humanities and Social Sciences Popularization bases , the Memorial Hall of Mao Zedong and Hunan First Normal University devoted to promote and expound Huxiang Culture, Red Culture and Place-history Culture in richly colorful and diversified Social Science Popularization activities all the time. During this activity, the Memorial Hall would promote a series of activities, like Red-themed speech, Red-poetry into scenic spot, Red-exhibition into community, Red-story into campus and so on. These activities would create a good atmosphere for enhancing the social science humanity, constructing a new Hunan which is full of products, beauty and happiness and waiting the successful opening of thenational congress of CPC.

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