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Famous ideology and politics educator Zhang Yaocan gave a lecture in HNFNU

On February 21st afternoon, one of the founders of ideology and politics education and Ph.D. advisor of CCNU---professor Zhang Yaocan was invited to give a lecture on ideology and politics education at our school.

Professor Zhang analyzed the inner quality and importance of ideology and politics from various aspects such as the character of ideology and politics education, and speech gave by President Xi. He pointed that the consensus on the essence, category and rules of ideology and politic education has not appeared among the scholastics circle. From the macroscopic aspect, we need to expand and break the original frame of ideology and politic education. From the microcosmic, we should be more elaborate to find the efforts that made by family, school and society on education. Meanwhile, professor Zhang comprehensively analyzed the six focus and six methods of ideology and politic educational research, combing with the trend of the era in this scholastic circle. He also emphasized that we suppose to fully understand the theory of Ideological and Political Education and meta-problem, to gather resource to deepen vital thesis, to grasp the trend of development, expand new researching field solve problems with interdisciplinary idea, and to methodize discuss in classical works. During micro interview, professor Zhang had a round table with audience about the developmental trend of ideology and politic education and chairman Xi’s view on ideology and politic education. During interaction part, Professor Peng advised Professor Zhang that to provide a better textbook for ideology and politic education majors republish the forward position of ideology and politic education.

Professor Zhang gave a lecture with rich experience and extensive knowledge, which means a lot to the audience. It did not only enrich the professional knowledge of teachers and students from the school of Maxims, but also motivate teachers and students to study hard ideology and politic education.

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